Go Organic. Period.

More specifically, go organic with your period. I'm always for trying things that are better for my body and health. With that, I've always been interested in trying organic tampons and pads. When organic feminine care first debuted, it could only be found online. But seriously, who's gonna order their monthly supply of period absorbers offline? I mean, am I really going to pay the extra shipping and handling ON TOP of organic prices for something I already hate having to spend money on in the first place? No, thanks. Fortunately, I came across a whole section of organic feminine care during one of my recent Target trips. I took advantage and bought the whole shebang- pads, tampons, and mini-pads. Surprisingly, they weren't too much more expensive.

So why go organic?

Welllllll in case you didn't know this, most tampons and pads are bleached with chlorine and made from recycled cotton, which means pesticide residue and toxins can still be present in the finished product. Just think, these items are touching one of the most delicate parts on and inside your body, and these toxins have been found to cause cancer, hormonal imbalance, and even infertility.  Need I say more?

I have pictured below the items I bought. Of course they have flows and sizes of all type, and they work just as well as the pads and tampons we all know and (used to) love, if not better. 

So now the question is, why not go organic?