Linda, Listen...

Okay fellas, this post is for the ladies, so if you want to skip this one out, do so. But if you actually care and want to educate yourself about female health and all that we must endure, knowing that you actually might want to live the rest of your life with one of us creatures one day, brownie points for you. Keep reading. 

Now let's get up close and personal. Let's talk about Pap-smears...

So what's the purpose of these super awkward doctor visits every 3 years? Pap-smears are done to screen for cervical cancer and HPV. At the age of 21 is when a woman should schedule her first Pap. I recently just had my first Pap-smear. I was a year late (yes that makes me 22 guys) but I decided it was time to bite the bullet and get it over with. I had mixed feelings about it. On one side of the spectrum, I had heard horror stories, and on the other side, I had women telling me it was no big deal. So here's the verdict: There's totally nothing to be terrified of ladies. Once you come to terms with the fact that this screening is totally normal that millions of women have gone through and that your doctor has seen many vaginas of all kinds before yours and will see plenty more after yours, you should get comfortable.

Personally, my experience was a breeze. I opted for a female doctor, because that's what I was more comfortable with. I undressed and slipped into my oh-so-chic paper gown and laid on the table. My particular doctor began the exam by checking my breasts for any lumps or abnormalities. Then here came the expanding instrument part (the proper name for the device is a speculum). When getting a Pap-smear, the speculum is inserted into your vagina to open up things down there so that they can sweep your cervix with a little soft brush to collect cells for the testing. That might be the scariest part, but not because it hurts at all. It's slightly uncomfortable and of course awkward, but not unbearable. After that, your gynecologist will insert their fingers in your vagina and push on your pelvic area to check for any unusual pain or abnormalities. Again, so awkward, but in just a few seconds, you're done! Plus my gyno gave me this cute little blush-pink goodie bag with knick-knacks and more info. on women health. So cute.

After my exam, I opted to get the optional STD test. I personally try to get one at least once a year. No matter how often you have sex or how many partners you have or whether or not you're married or in a committed relationship, I feel regular testing (and of course protection) is a part of being a responsible sexually-active individual. And I'm not just speaking to the ladies on this one. Guys, this is for you too.

All in all, no matter how much we hate them, ladies, Pap-smears are vital to our female health. One sure way to fight cervical cancer is by getting regular Pap testing. It takes less time than a pedicure or a trip to the hair salon, and it could save your life unlike that super cute bob cut. It was such a good feeling to get the results of everything and know that my health and my lady-parts are in good shape. I truly feel to be on top of your health is the best beauty regimen out there. 


Stay dope,

B. Monet