Okay so, let's talk cruises and how they might be the best means for a vacation. I've been on three cruises so far in my 20-something year old life so I think that makes me an expert now right? Either way, here's my take on cruises and their many benefits.

Benefit #1: Depending on the cruise you take, you get to cover a lot of "bucket-list destinations" in one vacation. 

Benefit #2: This may be the most attracting benefit of cruises. If you're looking to get out of the country but don't yet have your passport, a cruise is your escape. With most cruise lines in the U.S., you're able to board the ship with your birth certificate.

Benefit #3: If you truly want to relax and get away from society on vacation, a cruise is the definition of that. And I'm not just talking about the ship's hospitality service and the fact that you'll never have to lift a finger to pick up after yourself. You'll never have to lift a finger to text or type either because on cruises, there's no cell reception or wifi. There will be no scrolling through Instagram or snap-chatting every move you make. There will be no calls from your job or emails to respond to. You will have no choice but to live in the moment and just relax. You'll be completely cut off from society. Sounds wonderful if you ask me... Okay, okay, so you can purchase wifi access on the ship, but that's only if you wanna pay an arm and a leg. Totally up to you.

Benefit #4: Cruises are all-inclusive. That means once you pay for your cruise, your room, all the activities on the boat (pool, basketball, ice-skating, mini golf, casino, night club, comedy/broadway shows, happy hours, shall I go on?), food, plus your travel via the ship to those cool, dope countries are covered. The only thing that will be extra is the alcoholic beverages. With that being said, cruises are fairly inexpensive considering all that comes with them. 

Benefit #5: Like I said before, FOOD IS INCLUSIVE. Not just food, but endless food. Not just food, but gourmet food. Not just food, but food at all times of the day. I think you get my point. Cruises hire chefs from all over the world so you get all these different styles of cuisine and cooking throughout your whole vacay, and there is usually some sort of access to food no matter what time of the day even outside the normal breakfast, lunch, and dinner times. The fact that you don't have to pick up the tab is just the icing on the gourmet chocolate mousse cake. Feel me?

Now here are some tips to cruising:

Tip #1: Like mentioned before, the alcohol on the ship is not free, but you have two options here. You can purchase each drink as you go with your own card or the ship offers drink packages where you pay one set fee and the drinks are unlimited. My recommendation is to go with the package. Considering the cost per drink and the length of your stay on the ship and how much of a drinker you are, the package will pretty much pay for itself, and more. The packages are purchased as one per adult, and they put this special little sticker on your room card which is what you'll show every time you go the bar to grab a drink. (But if you happen to buy only one package and split the cost between you and a buddy, and appoint one person as the drink-go-getter, you didn't hear it from me. Wink wink.)

Tip #2: Do not buy any of the excursions on the ship. I repeat. Step away from the concierge counter. If you really wanna take a bus tour or jet-ski or kiss a dolphin, go right to the source and through the locals to avoid inflated rates.

Tip #3: The rooms are small on cruise ships so pack lightly. Regardless of the tight quarters, you shouldn't be spending too much time in the room anyway!

Bon voyage and happy cruising!

It was always fun coming back after a long day of cruising to see the cool towel art housekeeping would create.

It was always fun coming back after a long day of cruising to see the cool towel art housekeeping would create.