Even Superman Goes to the Doctor

Okay so maybe we don't know that. Mainly because Superman is an immortal, indestructible fictional character. But to all the real Supermen out there, I hate to break it to you: you're not immortal, and you're not indestructible, and you do actually need to go to the doctors. Regularly.

Did you know that the life expectancy of women is longer than that of men? Why is that? I would like to say, the number one cause of death for men is stubbornness, and though stubbornness is not an actual diagnosable condition, it actually is the reason for this phenomenon. It is shown that men tend to avoid doctor visits and ignore their health. Most diseases and illnesses can be cured and treated if caught early, but this lack of health monitoring doesn't allow for this to happen until it's too late. 

According to WebMD, the top five "killers" for men are:

1. Heart disease

2. Stroke

3. Suicide (Mental health is just as important.)

4. Prostate cancer (Men should start going to the doctor for prostate exams around age 50.)

5. Lung cancer

Although testicular cancer is not listed up there, while doing my research, I found it alarming that half of testicular cancer cases are of men between the ages of 20-34, and that even infants and kids can develop it as well. So fellas, regular self- examinations and doctor screenings of your testicles should be done. Males should have a testicular exam by their doctor every year.

So hey Supermen out there, what's it gonna be? Are you really gonna let us Lois Lanes of the world outlive you? I know we women often say "Men... We can't live with them"... But we almost always follow up with "But we can't live without them." And not to get all mushy, but we really would love to live WITH you... Just go to the doctor guys.