Once You Go Wax, You Never Go Back

wax stick.jpeg

If you've considered switching from shaving to waxing for your woman-scaping, I'm here to give you that extra push in the right direction. I've been a wax advocate ever since I got my first Brazilian and I wouldn't dream of any other method of hair removal for down there... and I mean, I've tried it ALL. Shaving, Nair, at-home waxing kits, you name it. First and foremost, shaving is horrifying. I'm always nervous that I'm gonna cut something down there, and then you never get that baby-bottom smooth feeling. It's prickly and uncomfortable in a matter of minutes and the growing back process puts you two steps behind where you began. It grows back thicker and then God forbid hair bumps happen. Gross. As far as Nair and that god-awful smell... I mean c'mon. I would never put that near my lady-parts, let alone my legs or armpits. It smells like a chemical burn waiting to happen. Then at-home waxing kits....... who came up with that? Estheticians go to school for 1,000+ hours to perform waxes and yet I'm trusted to wax myself? A huge LOL to that. Let's just say spending almost an hour in the shower trying to wash wax off places that wax should never be is something I would never wish on my worst enemy.

So now that we've covered the dark side, let's step over into the light.

I've pushed my belief of waxing onto my friends and kin as well, and you can ask them yourselves- they've all been converted. I can't count the many times an esthetician looked at me baffled for bringing a +1 with me to my waxing because they wanted to see first-hand, and I've even gone to a couple of my friends' first times too for moral support. (I'm  that friend that will literally show you how to put a tampon in and call me crazy, but we females gotta stick together right? As a friend, I vow to never let you go through the horrors of female-hood alone.) 

The two main types of waxing are bikini and Brazilian. Bikini waxes remove the hair around your bikini line so you're swimsuit ready. Brazilian waxes wax it all off... Mister Miyagi (sorry I had to do it). That includes in between your buttocks too. I went all the way with a Brazilian wax my first ever waxing encounter. I've always been an all or nothing type chick. Go hard or go home right? However, I do suggest if you're not as adventurous (or again crazy), start off with a bikini wax just to ease yourself into it and get comfortable with the feeling. But seriously, if I can do it, you can too, and you can't beat the results. You'll be super smooth for days, plus the hair grows back softer and thinner. It only gets better with more waxes.

Traditional Waxing

Traditional waxing is done with wax and paper or fabric strips. Warm wax is smoothed over the area and then the strip is smoothed over top of it and quickly ripped off to remove the hairs.


Just when you thought waxing couldn't get any better, sugaring came along. I personally prefer it. It's so much better for your skin in so many ways. The sugaring paste (it's more of a puddy) is all natural, made up of sugar, lemon, and hot-water. And of course, natural anything is always the better alternative, so that's a no-brainer. Now the process is a little different from waxing. You or the esthetician will take a handful of the sugaring paste and smooth it over the area to be waxed in the direction that the hair is growing and then quickly pull in the opposite direction. Here's a video to explain the process as well as the benefits better: https://youtu.be/SjujXoi2z7w

Peel-off Wax/ Hard Wax

Okay so maybe this is my favorite. I personally believe it's the least painful out of all waxing options. With this method, the wax is smoothed on the area to be waxed, and then it's left to cool and harden. Once it reaches that point, you roll and peel the wax off taking all the hair with it. Voila! Here's another video to visualize it better.


Before/ During/ After Waxing Tips

To enhance your waxing experience, here are some tips from a pro like myself.


1. Exfoliate the night before.

2. Don't shower right before a wax. Your pores will be open, making it a little more painful than normal. I know you want to be fresh and clean before a stranger gets all up in your oven but opt for using a baby wipe beforehand.

3. Don't put any lotion or oil on the area before a wax. Rough it out. 

4. If you can't take the pain, take the pain pills. There have been times that I've popped a couple ibuprofens an hour before my appointment to help cope with the pain. The good news is that the area gets numb after a few rips of the wax, so each strip after the other gets easier and easer.

5. Wear loose clothing and cotton undies (or go commando). Freshly waxed skin get easily irritated with the friction of anything rubbing against it.


1. Scope out the facility. Make sure it's clean.

2. Make sure your esthetician is wearing gloves before she touches your bare skin.

3. Make sure the esthetician is using your own cup of wax and/or using new popsicle sticks for every dip. Cross-contamination can occur and infections can be passed if an esthetician is double-dipping in the same wax for each client.


1. Go for the baby wipes after too. Wipe yourself to remove any leftover wax or powder or perspiration or germs.

2. Try to shower as soon as possible after a wax for better cleansing.

3. Use a topical treatment on the area to help prevent in-grown hairs or aloe-vera gel to soothe the area. I like to use PFB Vanish with Chromabright- Skin Lightener/ Bump Fighter. It helps to prevent in-grown hairs and bumps as well as lighten the skin from hyper-pigmentation, scars, or dark spots.

4. Lay-off the tight clothes and any non-cotton undies for at least 24 hours to prevent irritation. I know you wanted to wear those super cute lace cheekies you just bought from Victoria Secret as a reward for your pain but try to resist them. Your skin will thank you.