Aaah, Venice, Italy. Where do I begin? Well for starters, I always refer to myself as a mermaid. Why? Because I love everything about water, and I mean EVERYTHING (swimming, showers/baths, beaches, aquariums, marine animals, and rain are at the top of my favorite things list). So, being that Venice basically floats on water, I fell in love with the city before I ever got a chance to visit. Fortunately, I was able to experience this love first hand when I was able to go to Venice while studying abroad in Italy.

When I first arrived, I had to hop in a water taxi from the Grand Canal (the main canal in Venice that splits the city in two) to get to the part of the city I was going to. Take a second to take that in- yes, a water taxi, or the proper term is a "vaporetto". How cool is that? With 177 canals flowing through the city, the canals are the main routes of transportation. If you ever visit Venice, you'll notice that the front doors of buildings face the water canals, and it is simply because of that. So imagine instead of "rolling up" to the club, you "row up" haha. (Corny? I love dry humor.) But seriously, all jokes aside, it's the coolest thing ever. Along with the vaporetto, of course I had to do the proper tourist-thing and take a gondola ride to nowhere. I'm not big on being "tourist-y" but I suggest everyone that goes to Venice indulges in this. I mean where else are you gonna get to go on an ORIGINAL gondola ride? That's right, nowhere. Plus, Venetian tradition says that if a couple riding in a gondola ride kisses under each bridge, they will remain in love forever. I'm considering trying this with my dumbbells and P90X dvd so I can be in love with exercise forever LOL. (I crack myself up. That's a struggle and a story for another blog post.)

Outside of the water, Venice's architecture is beautiful. You will notice that its streets are a little narrow, but that is also due to the fact that the main routes of transportation are through the canals, not the streets. Regardless, I loved exploring the Venetian streets, through its narrow alleyways and across its many bridges. It's enchanting.

Now of course I saved the best topic for last, FOOD. So you know how people claim to have "spirit animals"? Yeah, well Venice is my spirit city. Let me tell you why. Venice's signature cuisine is seafood, and its signature drinks are bellinis... Two. Of my. Favorite. Things. When I learned about this, I was elated. You mean to tell me my favorite cocktail and my favorite food is this one city's signature cuisine? Like, no matter what restaurant I go to, they will have seafood and bellinis? Like, can I just stay forever? No, seriously.

Here are my last words of Venice advice, if you plan to visit one day, plan to go in the near future before it's too late. With Venice sinking at the rate of 1-2 millimeters a year, the city has already experienced days of high levels of water where you might as well have a rowboat or canoe in the streets. Though I wasn't there during those times, I could see steps to buildings that were already under water as I rode through the canals. But whether you like the water or seafood or bellinis, I hope everyone gets to experience the magic of Venice.