So this past May, I went out to Denver, Colorado to visit my college roommate/bestfriend and got a chance to live the "high-life", and yes I mean that in more ways than one (shh, don't tell my mom).  Needless to say, if you watch the news, or don't live under a rock, we all know what herbaceous law has been recently passed in the state of Colorado. And I mean hey, why not openly partake when it's government-approved. I mean that basically makes it like culture now right? But we'll get into that fun later.

PLANNING. I booked my trip through the Expedia app, which I would personally like to recognize Expedia for creating such a super easy, user-friendly app. It has definitely been my go-to ever since for all my future trip-booking endeavors from flights to hotels to rental cars. After a few clicks, I was on my way.

DISCLAIMER. Now let me be the one to state this disclaimer: when you are traveling, keep one thing in mind... time-zones. This is kind of embarrassing to admit, but I made the rookie mistake of looking at my flight times and not considering the fact that Denver was two hours behind my time (Eastern time). I was so confused when looking at my flight itinerary as to why my trip there was only one hour and my trip back was five. It actually really didn't dawn on me until I was on my connecting flight there and saw that the flight time was 3 hours but we were going to arrive only an hour later than the time that was on my watch. I literally palmed my face after putting two and two together. One of my top "duh" moments in life!

ARRIVAL. The Denver airport is much like any major airport... which means it's huge and confusing and you have to take trains and cross rivers and pretty much sacrifice your first born child to get from one part to the other. But for a traveling pro like me, despite my brain meltdown on the plane, it was a piece of cake. And by pro, I mean if you can read signs and follow directions, you should do just fine in any airport. So here's a fun fact: My friend was telling me how the statue of the huge mustang scultpure in front of the Denver airport is said to be haunted, as it practically killed its artist as he was building the sculpture. Supposedly, the horse's head fell off severing the artist's artery in his leg, killing him. The sculpture's eyes glow red at all times of the day. Freaky right? (Actually as I was writing this post, I was doing some research on Denver to check my facts, and came across even more conspiracies of the DIA. Feel free to google it to creep yourself out even more. It's very intriguing).

FOOD. My favorite. My friend and I are big foodies, so naturally she took me to all her favorite spots that she knew I would love too. Besides her grandmother's bomb Brazilian cooking that she blessed us with during my stay, we hit up a few hot spots in the city. I would say my top pick is "D Bar". Never have I ever been able to order a classic "milk and cookies" at a restaurant, but here, all things are possible. Grant it, these were the chewiest, most rich, delectable cookies served with a tall glass of cold milk. Like, I'm pretty sure I got a glimpse of heaven as I devoured that dish. Aside from their dessert, the restaurant does pretty well on the non-dessert side of things as well. Their parmesan fries ("Crue Fries" on the menu) are also the best I ever had. On to the next, we had lunch at this cute Asian bistro, "Hapa Sushi". It's one of those order-to-share restaurants which are always the best, because then you get to try like the whole menu, and whoever you came with can't get mad at you for taking food off their plate because that's how it works! The only downside is that you also have to share what's on your plate. Bummer. We ordered various plates including the calamari, Korean beef sliders, the "Orgasm" rolls, and the "Monkey Brain".  One night, we went out in downtown Denver, and stopped by a couple cool places, the first one being the ice cream spot that Jay-Z himself stopped by after one of his shows out there a couple years ago. The spot is  called "Little Man Ice Cream", which I found ironic for such a notorious man to choose as his destination dessert spot. Nonetheless, I felt empowered as I was walking in Jay-Z's footsteps. (Please excuse my fangirl moment.) Lastly, we grabbed dinner at "Brother's" where I had the most amazing "fish and chips" of my life. Not sure if it was the munchies or if it was just that good, but either way shout out to them.

FUN: Whether you participate in mary-jane or not, visiting the dispensary is an experience in itself. It was cool to see how something that was once illegal (and still is in other parts of the U.S.) is now organized and sorted out into cases where employees help you "pick out" the best form and variation for you like your local jewelry store. I'm not a big smoker so I opted for some strawberry shortcake edibles, and my friend snagged a 24k roll (yes, rolled in 24k gold paper). Aside from that, Denver is a gorgeous city all around. The majestic views of the mountains will captivate you, and if you can get a chance to go up in them, do so. We unfortunately had to cancel our horse-back riding session through the mountains due to weather, but it is at the top of my list for next time. Downtown Denver is also extremely nice and it really comes alive at night, as well as Pearl Street in Boulder. I can't wait to go back!